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Homeowners Insurance From Boren & Hawkins Insurance Experts

Owning a home is a joy. But homeowners need to understand the risks associated with homeownership. Anything can happen, and you need to prepare. Boren & Hawkins Insurance is here to help. We offer high-quality homeowners insurance plans to Northern Mississippi residents. Because we are locally-owned and -operated, we can use our knowledge and expertise to provide a personal touch. Together, we can craft a policy that works for you.

Customizable Homeowners Insurance Plans

Homeowners insurance policies are highly customizable – making them perfect for property owners with unique needs. But there are standard elements contained in every policy. You can expect your insurance policy to cover damage to your home’s exterior. If a fire destroys your home, the policy will cover all belongings in the house. You can add more comprehensive elements, such as off-premises coverage. We will work with you to create a policy that will cover what you need for a price your family can afford.
customized homeowner insurance

understanding insurance plans

Understanding Homeowners Insurance Plans

Homeowners insurance policies take many forms. Which plan you choose depends on numerous factors. We can help you determine which works best for your household. For instance, actual cash value policies cover the cost of your house plus the value of your belongings. Another option might be a replacement cost policy, which covers the actual cost of your home and all belongings. The most comprehensive policies are guaranteed replacement cost/value plans. This type of insurance will cover everything even if the loss exceeds the policy limit.

Contact Boren & Hawkins For Custom Homeowners Insurance Plans You Can Understand.

You can trust our team to create a homeowners insurance policy tailored just for you. Get in touch with us today to get started on your new policy.