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personal insurance

Insurance Policies for Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee

With there being multiple options, choosing the right insurance can be a headache. At Boren & Hawkins Insurance, we ensure that we will make selecting the right personal insurance product for you easy. Our professional team will present you with a customizable insurance plan that will best fit your lifestyle and budget.

life insurance and family


Having life insurance protects your family’s future well-being. Boren & Hawkins Insurance wants to prepare you for what the future may hold. With getting married or the addition of children, your life insurance needs may change. Boren & Hawkins is here to help guide you through the different options.
homeowners insurance coverage


Protecting your belongings and property is a top priority when you own a home. At Boren & Hawkins Insurance, we want to help you have peace of mind knowing that every inch of your home, inside and out, is covered by a customized homeowner’s policy. We will search for all options to ensure that you get the best policy that will best fit your budget and lifestyle.
renters insurance


Just because you’re not a homeowner, it doesn’t mean that your belongings shouldn’t be insured. Boren & Hawkins Insurance will help you decide what renter’s insurance policy will best fit you. If you have any questions give us a call.
auto insurance


With there being so many different options for auto insurance, Boren & Hawkins Insurance is there to help walk you through the process. Our team will take the time to speak with you to find out what your needs are. Whether you have a first-time driver or a specialty vehicle, Boren & Hawkins Insurance will help you find an auto insurance policy that protects you, your passengers, and your vehicle.
boats RV and toys insurance


A lot of us have fun vehicles that we like to take out on the land, sea, or air. Being covered by insurance in those vehicles can be costly if not bundled correctly. Boren & Hawkins Insurance can help put together a policy that will help you protect yourself and your toys.

Contact Boren & Hawkins About Your Personal Insurance Plans.

You can trust our team to create a comprehensive insurance plan specific to your needs. Get in touch with us today to get started on your new policy.